Collective Visioning Exercises Updated for On-Line use.

Occupy the Present, Change the Future: A Collective Visioning Guide

We invite all people who are dedicated to social transformation to join us in a process of Collective Visioning.  This process involves intentionally bringing people together across social divides and generating a positive vision that is long-term, expansive and solutions-driven. Our process is outlined below and detailed in our downloadable Collective Visioning Guide.  We encourage folks to meet in diverse, small groups (ideally 20-40 participants) and spend at least three hours moving through the process together. To get a free copy of our Collective Visioning Guide please download here.

Collective Visioning: How Groups Can Work Together for a Just and Sustainable Future by Linda Stout

This new book features a clear, actionable, step-by-step process to set up and create a welcoming space for activist leaders to collaborate for positive change. Stout details ways in which trainers should reach out to different groups, listen to and understand needs and concerns of the group, create a welcoming space for all voices, foster agreements, ensure the visibility of all members. To purchase a copy of Collective Visioning please visit here.

Bridging the Class Divide and Other Lessons For Grassroots Organizing by Linda Stout

A practical and inspirational guide to overcoming barriers of class and race, Bridging the Class Divide tells the inspiring story of Linda Stout’s life as the daughter of a tenant farmer, as a self-taught activist, and as a leader in the progressive movement. It also gives practical lessons on how to build real working relationships between people of different income levels, races, and genders. To purchase a copy of Bridging the Class Divide please visit here.

Spirit in Action’s Guide to Working in Diverse Groups

This small yet powerful tool is a guide to holding and nurturing the spaces that generate movement in us and those around us. Please use this as a reflection tool or as a basis for instruction in your organizing and movement building work.  To get a free copy of our Guide to Working in Diverse Groups please download here.


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