Take 10 GOTV Resource Page

Below please find some resources for the Take 10 GOTV Training Program. Check back as additional resources will be added to this page.

Gratitude Jar (or Journal) – Instructions

Take 10 GOTV Bingo Card – Word Version

Take 10 GOTV Bingo Card – PDF Version

Videos to Watch

  1. Wilmington Massacre
  2. Tulsa Massacre
  3. Elaine Massacre
  4. Rosewood Massacre
  5. Columbia, TN
  6. A Black Lives Matters reaction

Collective Visioning Exercises

  1. Exercise 1 – The goal of this exercise is to lead a group through the process of creating a collective vision.
  2. Exercise 2 – The goal of this exercise is to identify, acknowledge, and honor our differences for deeper understanding of each other and building trust and community.
  3. Exercise 3 – The goal of this exercise is to nurture hope by leading people to develop a personal vision for themselves.
  4. Exercise 4 – The goal of this exercise is to build trust and create community through storytelling and active listening.
  5. Exercise 7 – The goal of this exercise is to produce a very strategic, time-specific, concrete plan that covers a period of up to one year.
  6. Exercise 8 – The goal of this exercise is to show that a group doesn’t have to have only one leader; we all have leadership qualities, and together we can provide the leadership we need or identify what’s missing that we need to bring in.

NC Voter Registration Form

Useful Websites

VoteRiders – VoteRiders is a non-partisan, non-profit organization founded in 2012 with a mission to ensure that all citizens are able to exercise their right to vote. VoteRiders informs and helps citizens to secure their voter ID as well as inspires and supports organizations, local volunteers, and communities to sustain voter ID education and assistance efforts.