Silence is Compliance

Dear Friends,

We all realize that the murder of George Floyd Jr. and so many other Black and Brown people by the police is one more time, and one more time too many.  We must speak up in any way we can and say, “Justice for all.”  We must not only say it, but practice it. 

Like you, I have a vision of a world where there is equity and justice.  That vision has allowed me to step out of my fears and self-doubts and join others to work to create a better world.  I am a living example that anyone can be a force for change. 

I was tortured and run out of North Carolina by the Ku Klux Klan for hiring African Americans at the mill where I worked.  I learned from activist and my mentor, Septima Clark, that I couldn’t expect to fight racist forces like the KKK on my own.  I had to create an environment in which they could no longer exist. 

That is what we are called upon to do today, to change the environment where militarized police forces can act with impunity. 

One way we do that is with our vote, training people to create long-term leadership infrastructure that builds power within disenfranchised communities.  Places where grassroots folks hold top positions, both locally and statewide, and know how to keep public officials–mayors, district attorneys, sheriffs, state judges–accountable.  There is tremendous power to influence change when individuals harness the power of the community’s voice through civic engagement.  That is what we are doing every day at Spirit in Action with our Take 10 GOTV Training Program.

Help us take advantage of this moment and practice justice.

Peace, power and love,

Linda Stout

Executive Director