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Spirit in Action draws its inspiration from those who have come before us and those who work alongside us—in our own communities and around the globe. Despite the enormous challenges of our time, every day individuals and groups of people are living lives based on mutuality and respect. Every day, people express compassion, cherish family, write music, fall in love, and notice the beauty and brilliance present in themselves and others. Every day, people are organizing for peace and justice, growing food, cleaning parks, marching in demonstrations, challenging toxic waste dumping, fighting back against the War on Women, advocating for better schools and access to health care, redefining leadership, making documentaries, and creating hope through public art.  Spirit in Action works to connect these courageous change-makers and to support, strengthen and amplify their work. Every day, we nurture collective visions that cultivate democracy. Spirit in Action’s programs bring people together to explore and practice activism that strategically builds power while sustaining and nurturing our hearts and souls.

To meet the needs we see in our social justice ecosystem, Spirit in Action offer programs that are grounded in our positive vision and our analysis of present-day realities: civic engagement, collective visioning and leadership development.

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