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Jun 232014

In the summer of 2013, Spirit In Action interviewed 36 education justice activists, including teachers, students, policymakers and other leaders to listen to their perspectives on the current state of public education in America. The interviewees’ stories and firsthand experiences relative to public schooling are helping us to better understand possibilities for reframing the national conversation on education justice. We need to counter the massive corporate assault on public education that is generally well-messaged, cohesive and widely distributed.

One of our longer-term goals is to create an effective messaging strategy to help combat the misinformation about public education that continues to be circulated nationally. Below are just a few of the quotes and trends that surfaced in our interviews. Later this summer, we’ll be discussing these findings as well as many others at an upcoming Education Justice Communications Summit focused on bringing together grassroots leaders to create sustainable, cohesive and successful messaging frames for education justice.

You can see more quotes directly from the Listening Project interviews here on our website, or watch brief clips on our YouTube page.

We’ll present a more comprehensive summary of the listening project later this summer: first at the Education Justice Communications Summit, then here on our website. If you have any questions about this, drop us a note at our email.

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