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Feb 262014

listening project logo2In 2013, we started hearing from some of our allies in education justice that one of their biggest challenges was that too many people didn’t understand the intensity of the attacks on public education. Although to leaders in education justice, the situation may be obvious, too many adults and young adults have no idea about the scope of the problem: they think it’s a problem just with their school or just their school district or state.

We began a listening project in the summer of 2013, where we interviewed close to 40 leaders in education justice. Based on our listening and other research, we’ve gleaned that grassroots groups, led by people directly affected by the attack on public education, are in need of more training and support to sharpen their communications in the face of well-funded corporate attacks that are well-messaged and otherwise well-resourced.

We’re exploring what form this support can take, and how to use the experienced communicators of the Progressive Communicators Network and the committed leaders of the Education Circle of Change to mobilize skilled support for activists on this issue.

This spring, we’re doing a “test-drive” in providing support for grassroots groups fighting for education justice. If you’re a part of the Progressive Communicators Network or the Education Circle of Change, you’re invited to a conversation within the networks to discuss this further.

The Progressive Communicators conversation will be a Google Hangout on Monday, March 10 at 3 PM ET.

The Education Circle of Change conversation will be a Google Hangout on Monday, March 17 at 3 PM ET.

For the full details about either conversation and to RSVP, please email Kathleen Pequeño and Manauvaskar Kublall. They’re coordinating these calls and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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