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Jul 292013

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Now more than ever, we need women of color who are on the frontlines of social justice movements to build community and power to transforms ourselves, our communities and our world. In the midst of powerful voices reverberating across the country, many of who are women of color calling for Justice for Trayvon Martin, I feel honored and privileged to create a space for these sisters to reflect, heal, vision and transform.

The core leadership committee of SiOP invites women of color leaders, across generations, who are committed to creating a more just, equitable and sustainable world to apply to be part of the 2013-2014 SiOP Transformative Leadership Institute.  The 10-month program kicks off with a national gathering at Hope Springs Institute in Ohio, October 2-6, 2013, and is followed by coaching, trainings and peer mentorship. Take a look at the call for applications, where you’ll also find a link to the online application.  Please note that applications are due on August 12.

This unique leadership development program is focused on supporting women of color, who stand at the intersection of multiple oppressions, to address both internal and external oppression to shift the paradigm of leadership in social justice movements and beyond. The SiOP network seeks to collectively create and embody new practices for leading powerful and sustainable social movements that are working for racial justice, gender justice, economic justice and environmental justice.

In a recent article on World Pulse, SiOP core leader, Dayanara Marte, reflects on being a mother in this moment working for justice: “My son, more than any other day, today, I write you not as your mother but as a women who birthed a son into this unjust world without a road map. I am lost and I am scared for you and for me. They say that women birth justice…They say women are magical, made with the infinite ability to manifest and transform the world but today I am scared and I doubt my own ability to create another world for you.”  Read more from Dayanara.

Women indeed have the power to birth a new world. And, at this critical time, we are faced with many choices.  There are two paths before us, we can isolate ourselves and live in fear or we can stand in our power, build community and spark transformation. The SiOP Transformative Leadership Institute will support women of color to live into the latter and to work through our fears and a dominant narrative that tells us we must play small.  Our time is now, and we must start with developing our selves, our vision, our resilience and our power to take action for deep and lasting change.

I am reminded today of the collective vision we created at the inaugural SiOP gathering in October 2012:

We envision circular, synergistic, earth-based, heart-filled and spirit-centered leadership… In the future that we co-create together, our movements are inter-connected because our own connections to each other are strong and sustained. — Excerpt from the SiOP Emerging Collective Vision

From October 2013 to July 2014, thirty women will come together to living into this vision and strengthen our leadership to build the world we envision, a world that works for all of us. If you are a woman of color leader working to creating a just, equitable and sustainable world, and would like to further develop your leadership within a supportive community, please consider applying to be part of the Standing in Our Power (SiOP) 2013-2014 Transformative Leadership Institute.

Get the details and apply today and/or spread the word.

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