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Jul 292013

Members of the Spirit in Action team attended the Free Minds, Free People Conference held in Chicago earlier this month. We conducted interviews with key individuals in the education justice movement as part of our recently launched Education Justice Listening Project. We interviewed individuals from Save our Schools, Alliance for Educational Justice,  Education for Liberation Network, Chicago Teachers Union and many others.

Our primary goal at this stage of the project is to interview a wide range of people working for education justice to learn what is happening on the ground to get a sense of their vision for education. We will then facilitate a space with two of our networks the Education Circle of Change and the Progressive Communicators Network in late 2013 to look over the results of the listening project, and to develop an action plan to serve as a communications resource for 2014 to 2017. By early 2014 we’ll share highlights of the communications victories and assets that grassroots groups across the country have developed to advance education reform. We’ll propose a communications project in which education justice groups that take part in order to develop their leaders as communicators and to use compelling and consistent messaging for their education justice work.

In the video above, Qasim A. Davis from Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools, a long time partner of Spirit in Action, shares a short clip about the state of our public education system. Take a look at the video and let us know what you think, do you agree with him or do you share a different opinion? We would love to know your thoughts add your comments below.

Additionally, we will soon be headed to the International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC) in Boulder Colorado, August 4-8,  to continue our listening project and we look forward to sharing more powerful voices and perspectives with you. If you will be there please let us know and connect with us.



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  1. I agree that we can’t keep saying the system is broken. The system just has priorities that don’t make any sense for the people subjected to the system.

    I’ll be at IDEC next week and I look forward to talking with you all there!



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