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Feb 272013

Spirit in Action is proud to partner with IDEA, Institute for Democratic Education, by sharing a unique webseries http://ayearatmissionhill.com/. This 10-part video series that chronicles the rhythms and relationships of a year in the life of one community in America. But the series is designed to elevate the stories of communities across the country – and to provide a cross-platform multimedia opportunity to clarify what powerful teaching and learning actually looks like – and requires. This webseries also features innovative resources and tools for reinventing public education. Spirit in Action is committed to shaping the fabric of a new educational paradigm through our network, the Education Circle of Change, and its members such as IDEA. Please view this this webseries and share it widely; we’re all needed inthis vital work to make quality education available for all students everywhere!

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  1. […] This week one of the resources under the “watch” tab features a short film titled “Flipping the Script – Changing our Educational Paradigm.” This short film was produced/edited by Manauvaskar Kublall, Education Circle of Change member and […]

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