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Jan 232012
Our 2011 national Education Circle of Change gathering of educators, organizers, parents and youth lifted up the importance of trans-local organizing to transform our public education system. This year, in partnership with several members of the ECoC, we will be holding local and regional gatherings throughout the country.
We are delighted to support this network to live into its collective vision. Laura Ramirez explains that “the work of bringing to life the regional Education Circles is a reminder of the dedication that is entailed in making a vision a tangible reality.  I am excited to see that we are co-creating a nationwide effort to share, at the local level, the practices and ideas that have been incubating in the national ECoC for over three years.” Through this new phase, members of the ECoC will be keeping their ears to the ground while building bridges to connect their local communities to a national movement.  According to Bonnie Tai: “Each day it seems we fracture ourselves into competitors for federal or state dollars, media attention, political correctness, or moral righteousness.  A regional Education Circle of Change promises to bring the power of the collective visioning process to a group of people who are close enough geographically though distant in experience…to realize a shared vision of education and community.”
Finally, Jayeesha Dutta, reminds us about what it really takes to both co-create and live into a collective vision: connecting deeply to build strong, trusting relationships. Jayeesha tells us that “the ECoC has provided me with a nurturing network of brilliant progressive educators across the country. Through creating a collective vision and truthfully sharing our experiences from the heart, we have formed insoluble bonds with each other. In fact, I have found a well of inspiration that brings me strength, resiliency and most importantly, love, during these times of struggle in education.”

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