Spirit in Action catalyzes broad-based movement building. Our vision is a world in which people live sustainably, power is shared collectively, and peace and justice flourish.


  • “We are so grateful that Linda Stout and her “Take 10” model has come to Maine. In recent years, Linda has trained a cohort of low-income leaders here in Maine to draw on the most important resource we all have in making change: our people.”
    —Kate Brennan, Organizing and Community Outreach Director, Maine Equal Justice


We work nationally and regionally with diverse communities, grassroots groups and social justice organizations, training and supporting people to generate a positive future for all. 

We provide trainings that are positive and action-oriented, and based on the fundamentals of grassroots organizing, strategic planning and collaboration.

Offering webinar and interactive online trainings for:

Determining Your Goals | Priorities and Plans | Building Strong Collaborations and Networks | Leadership Development | Conflict Resolution| Voter Registration and more!

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Linda Stout’s latest and her classic book on lessons from grassroots organizing.

Collective Visioning
Bridging the Class Divide

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