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Piper Anderson 

piperPiper Anderson works to create transformative social change through the arts, education, and healing practices. She has worked as a healing practitioner, workshop facilitator, and coach for ten years. Her clients primarily include emerging women leaders 21-35 years old, seeking a deeper connection to purpose, passion, and power.

Practice Description: I work with people one-on-one and in small coaching circles to help them define what they want, cultivate the tools to create sustainable change, and establish themselves firmly on the path to a future rooted in their values and affirmed by their actions. My approach is informed by my training in Reiki & Spiritual Healing, the Empowerment Methodology, and Somatics & Trauma. My style of coaching is grounded in intuition, mindfulness, and compassion. I believe that we each have the power to create transformative changes in our lives and communities and my role as a coach is simply ask the right questions that will support my clients in discovering their own essential truth. Visit my website to learn more about coaching packages at www.piperanderson.com                

Diana Marie Lee

sweet livity3

Diana Marie Lee is Principal Owner and Founder of Sweet Livity LLC, a United States based global social enterprise. Building on Diana’s own healing journey and over 22 years of experience in public health and community development, Sweet Livity was founded as a minority and woman owned business in 2011 and is based in California and Miami. Sweet Livity services focus on improving the effectiveness and sustainability of individuals and organizations that serve the community, through wellness retreats and capacity building geared towards people being happier, healthier and producing more powerful results in their lives and work.

Sweet Livity is about helping people integrate healing practices to transform the spaces where they live, work and play into healthy, life affirming environments. Sweet Livity is a holistic approach to healing and liberation. Sweet Livity is about transforming the way we work and live so that we are in harmonious relationship with ourselves, our communities and with nature. This includes how we leverage and connect all of our capital – our health, our money, our social relationships, our resilience and our passion to create the lives we want.

Diana joined the Standing in Our Power coaching team because of her own joy helping women heal from trauma and stress. Diana brings to Standing in Our Power skill and compassion to teach women how healing strategies like organic meals, sound toning, meditation in nature and forgiveness of self and others reduces stress, increases energy and inspires a renewed imagination and creativity. Everyone deserves Sweet Livity — a life in which one’s food, water, creativity, work, relationships and environment are the balm that sustains healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Dayanara Marte 

deeDayanara Marte is a first generation Latina, Dominican Immigrant from Washington Heights, mother of two dedicated to social justice and humanity. She is a Master of Public Health, graduate of Columbia University with over 13 years of work in the reproductive, mental health and violence prevention of women and girls and the LGBTQ community. She is nationally known for her work as a trauma prevention specialist, trainer and facilitator in emotional release organizing, healing circles of self healing from the impact that oppression, trauma, violence and poverty has on the mind, body and spirit. As a certified addiction and recovery counselor, she holistically addresses addiction as the result of internalized oppression and as a dis-ease that manifest in our bodies as a result of institutional racism, homophobia, classism, sexism.

After an 8-year tenure as the Executive Director of Casa Atabex Ache for 8 years, Dayanara founded In Bold Rebirth Consulting and developed Conscious Accountability; a model that supports young and adult womyn and the LGBTQ community on the front lines of their lives to create self care action plans and systems of personal accountability to powerfully exist in the face of sexual assault, child sexual abuse, incest, rape, relationship/partner abuse, domestic violence within our homes, our organizations and within movements.

In 2010, Dayanara became a citizen journalist for World Pulse, Voices of Our Future Correspondent and is currently blogging for Global Connect: A Gender Justice writing project with Women E News and the Global Press Institute, founding the Behind the Movement Newsletter.

Brenda Salgado


Brenda Salgado, founder of Nepantla Consulting, is a life coach who helps others navigate changes and transitions, access their inherent wisdom, reconnect with strengths and values, so they can align and pursue a satisfying and inspiring life that they love.

Brenda has been a facilitator, circle leader, indigenous healer, and nonprofit consultant in the social justice field for over 13 years. She received training from Belma Gonzalez of B Coaching and Consulting in Coaching Training for Social Justice Consultants. For the past 5 years she has served as a Senior Fellow at Movement Strategy Center, and recently transitioned in order to focus her time on developing her indigenous healing and coaching practice, and supporting alliances working on women and community led transformational circle work (National Comadres Network, Family Independence Initiative, Standing in Our Power).

Brenda is first generation Nicaraguan-American, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is grateful to her parents and ancestors for instilling the cultural and spiritual values that have led her to social justice work. She is committed to the role of culture, ceremony, relationship building and community wisdom in creating a society filled with wholeness and beauty. She believes that individuals, families and groups have tremendous amounts of untapped knowledge, wisdom, and medicine within them. The best part of her work is creating space for that to be rediscovered and unleashed in the world.

Brenda is committed to helping others to create the space to explore healthy self-knowledge and identity, unleash their talents and potential, enhance their relationships, improve their quality of life, and live into their dreams and aspirations.

Stephanie Syd Yang

sydStephanie Syd Yang is an LA-based healer, natural born intuitive, clairvoyant, and artist who brings close to 20 years of experience working with individuals to help them access their highest healing and connect with their life’s purpose. Her heart-centered, interactive approach to healing will both support and challenge you to step forward more joyfully into your dreams. To learn more about her  practice visit www.bluejaguarlove.com