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Standing in Our Power (SiOP)


Standing in Our Power (SiOP) envisions a world where all who identify as women of color co-create a new story of holistic transformation, sustainability and wellness for all across the gender spectrum.

SiOP leverages the healing and catalyzing power of the arts, culture and spirituality. We amplify the voices and visions of women of color social justice leaders and social entrepreneurs. Collectively, we are co-creating new leadership paradigms and practices for our social movements and beyond.

Through our leadership development and capacity building model, we radically redefine the status quo to ignite personal, structural and cultural liberation.

SiOP emerged directly from the need for visionary women of color spaces where we can work collectively to practice and implement transformative change personally and collectively. By fostering strong communities of practice, we seek to redefine the ‘norm’ and intentionally forge new paths. We have been building SiOP for five years, focusing on women of color movement makers through a series of national retreats, workshops, webinars and coaching.

SiOP has grown into a network of more than 1,261 members working across a multitude of identities, class, issues, sectors and geography to eliminate disparities for women of color and gender nonconforming people through programs that:

  • Foster transformative leadership development among social justice movement makers.
  • Cultivate individual and organizational wellness.
  • Leverage the power of creativity for inspiration, growth and action.
  • Integrate spirituality/contemplative practice into social justice movements.
  • Connect social entrepreneurship with non-profit work to ensure increased sustainability.
  • Develop mastery in organizing, advocacy, resource development, fiscal management and communications.

While programs initially focused on women of color leading in nonprofits, we assessed that at least one-third of participants were interested in exploring entrepreneurship as a viable career pathway. This resulted in women of color transitioning from working full-time to launching 10 new businesses and strengthening an additional 20 small businesses.

Our Women of Color Business Incubator is an emerging program area and is in direct response to the group’s recommendation to expand our model and launch an incubator where our members who are aspiring and active entrepreneurs can access support year-round. The strategy is to create a dynamic network for women of color and gender nonconforming folks for sharing and using business development resources towards sustainable entrepreneurship with a mixed revenue model and increased access to top-notch business coaches and impact investors.

To learn more about SiOP and its programs visit www.standinginourpower.com or contact Taij Kumarie Moteelall, SiOP Program Director.