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Leadership Development provides trainings and coaching for personal transformation, effective collaboration and power sharing

“When I think of a world that I want for my family seven generations from now, I’m inspired to do everything differently.”  Linda Stout


Spirit in Action Trainings

Let us begin from a place of hope by building bridges.

In times like these it is important to grow and look forward to build a world we can live in and leave for generations to come. Indigenous people have taught us that we should always live and work for the next seven generations. This takes time, but is the only way we – activists and organizations – can build long-lasting collaborations and long-term sustainable movements that can win.

A new series of customized trainings led by Spirit in Action’s Executive Director, Linda Stout, helps us realize what we can do now, in the current political environment.  You will learn to listen and respond to the realities of the issues you work with, and gain the skills and tools you need for a constantly changing society.

Over one to three days, our trainings rely on the principles of trust, connection, conversation, interaction and strategic thinking.  Using popular education methods and storytelling, plus real life examples from Linda Stout’s experiences, the trainings are positive and action-oriented.  We seek to create a cultural shift in both our thinking and our work that builds a broad and interconnected social force committed to collectively changing the world.

Collective Visioning harnesses the power of our imagination, ensures every voice is heard, and generates action plans for social transformation

Because no group is identical, no training is the same.  We will make a detailed needs assessment to determine the content, frequency and length of the trainings, speaking with various constituencies, mindful of the needs and resources of the participants. Trainings will take place in-person, and where appropriate, using webinars. Trainings can also be combined to provide additional in-depth work for participants, and follow-up coaching or webinars can be made available.

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