Feb 232015
Becoming an Elder:  Bravely Going Where Young People Have Gone Before - by Linda Stout

The best part of getting older (I just celebrated my 61st birthday!) is that I get to see young leaders that have come through one of our trainings or networks, now taking the reins of both new and old national organizations, as well as regional and local.  It is a thrilling moment to see these young leaders now being the leaders and keynote speakers at major national conferences and something I hope to keep contributing to from the place of an “elder” activist (I don’t feel old enough to deserve that term, but young people now talk about their elderly parents or grandparents that are younger than me!).  We have too much work to do [Read More]

Dec 182014
We The People-Working Together shares its story!

We the People: Working Together is an exciting new research and organizing project that endeavors to make the crucial and vital shift from division to unity in order to create and sustain equality and justice for all. Please see above video of how our organizing is helping communitiy members and students engage with each other for greater change.

Nov 102014
Spirit in Action's Fall Newsletter

If you are like me, there are a few dozen things (or more!) that feel like they need our urgent attention. I could work full-time on the many different issues that pull at me. All seem equally necessary and critical. I know that if I could put all my time and resources into it, it might make a difference. But how do I decide? (continue reading by downloading our fall newsletter)

Aug 072014
Catching Fire, Breaking Silence:  Addressing Sexual and Gender Violence in our Social Movements - by Taij Kumarie Moteelall and Diana Marie Lee

Standing in Our Power (SiOP), a network of women of color social justice leaders, is calling for greater integrity, accountability, interdependence and compassion among individuals and organizations working for transformative social change. Many of us who serve as the core leaders and coaches of SiOP came to this network through our personal journeys to reclaim a sense of purpose, wholeness and well-being in our social justice work.  We have been inspired and influenced by the vision of the transformative social change movement over the last two decades to combine personal transformation with organizational efforts to catalyze socio-cultural, socio-economic, political and environmental revolution and social justice. We are living through tough social and economic times that forces [Read More]

Aug 062014
Navigating Our Lives with a Personal Mission Statement - by Patricia St. Onge

Most organizations have a mission statement. I’ve been thinking about having a mission statement for my life. I remember sitting in a meeting with Puanani Burgess and Juanita Brown, women for whom I have great respect. We had decided to meet together to share some of the tools we use in facilitating transformative change processes. When it was Puanani’s turn, she held up a big poster with a wide, blue ocean on it. In the middle of the ocean was a tiny boat. Just sitting there. Alone on the vast sea. My thought was “the people on that boat are lost.” Puanani suggested instead that they were just getting their bearings. If they didn’t know [Read More]

Jul 302014
Zenyu:  “Complete Healing” - by Christine Cruz Guiao

To stand in my power, I remember who I am. I mean, who I really am as a spiritual and soulful being, beyond my political identities: which include all of the complicated entanglements of oppressions and privileges I bear as a 2nd-generation Filipin@-American, gender-nonconforming queer woman. To work with others to re-discover their spiritual selves, I co-founded Zenyu Healing (Zenyu means “complete healing” in Japanese, a nod to my partner’s ethnic heritage), a grassroots nonprofit organization that serves the holistic health and leadership development of LGBTQI People of Color in Seattle. While we acknowledge that our political, ethnic/cultural, and gender identities are all profoundly important in understanding our status (or lack thereof) in this country, [Read More]

Jul 022014
Announcing the Education Justice Communication Summit 2014

We will be gathering 32 educators, organizers and influencers in the education justice movement from across the country at an Education Justice Communications Summit on July 17 – July 20 in order to strategize how effective communications and messaging can inform their local and movement building work. As part of the Summit we will: • Explore effective frames for messaging in order to combat corporate attacks, preserve and promote public education. • Discuss and analyze findings from the Education Justice Listening Project. • Help education justice activists utilize the most effective modalities and messages for their own organization communication strategy. Participating Organizations in the Summit Include: Press Pass TV, Mass Alliance, Chicago Teachers Union, National Dignity in Schools Campaign, Alliance to [Read More]

Jun 232014
Trends from the Education Justice Listening Project

In the summer of 2013, Spirit In Action interviewed 36 education justice activists, including teachers, students, policymakers and other leaders to listen to their perspectives on the current state of public education in America. The interviewees’ stories and firsthand experiences relative to public schooling are helping us to better understand possibilities for reframing the national conversation on education justice. We need to counter the massive corporate assault on public education that is generally well-messaged, cohesive and widely distributed. One of our longer-term goals is to create an effective messaging strategy to help combat the misinformation about public education that continues to be circulated nationally. Below are just a few of the quotes and trends that [Read More]

Jun 182014
My Journey To “Live YOUR Light!” - Part 2- by Judy Ford

Click here to read part 1 of Judy’s Blog A WOMAN’S EXISTENCE by Judy M. Ford ©   we do not exist for you hard as that may be for you to accept nor do we exist to change your perceptions of us which you are unwilling to release we exist for ourselves alone we exist to remind ourselves of ourselves in our truth in order to see us as we have always been that we may show our daughters who they are and what they must become that they may have the courage to reveal themselves unto themselves with the strength to manifest a vision of themselves that exists beyond you a vision of [Read More]

Apr 172014
"We the People" Talks Southern Politics

On Saturday, March 29th, the students from Warren Wilson working with Spirit in Action’s We the People project went out into several trailer parks of Swannanoa, North Carolina. to listen to the folks who lived there. It was a rainy and muddy day, but students came prepared for door-knocking. Although nervous, soon into the interviews most were excited. Even the residents who said “no” usually had a good excuse (most were going to work) and were very friendly. No slammed doors in the students faces How many conversations did the students wind up having? What sorts of questions did they ask? Given the chance to talk, community members brought up topics that ranged from education, the [Read More]