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Kazu Haga, East Point Peace Academy – Education Justice Listening Project

Kazu Haga is a nonviolence trainer and founder of the East Point Peace Academy in Oakland, California. East Point Peace Academy envisions a world where historic conflicts are fully reconciled and where new conflict arises solely as an opportunity for deeper growth. Where the depth of human relations are so high that it allows each [Read More]

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Zenyu: “Complete Healing” – by Christine Cruz Guiao

To stand in my power, I remember who I am. I mean, who I really am as a spiritual and soulful being, beyond my political identities: which include all of the complicated entanglements of oppressions and privileges I bear as a 2nd-generation Filipin@-American, gender-nonconforming queer woman. To work with others to re-discover their spiritual selves, [Read More]

Humiliation at School Should be a Thing of the Past – by Linda Stout

  “Dozens of children at a Utah elementary school had their lunch trays snatched away from them before they could take a bite this week. Salt Lake City School District officials say the trays were taken away at Uintah Elementary School Tuesday because some students had negative balances in the accounts used to pay for [Read More]

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Programs like Standing in our Power (SiOP) are needed now more than ever as we prepare for a shift in our nation’s demographics. In July 2012 the Center for American Progress released an issue brief on “The State of Women of Color in the United States.” The issue brief takes an in-depth look at the status of women of color and makes clear that our voices are missing at a time when national demographic trends continue to shift toward women of color becoming the majority among all women. Women of color today are largely underrepresented in the national debate on key issues, including reproductive health care, women’s rights, and the economy—despite the direct impact these issues have on us personally, as well as on our families and communities. SiOP is proactively building the leadership and capacity of women of color across generations who are preparing to take a seat at the tables where our voices have been missing, and to do so in a way that transforms what it means to lead. Take a look at this short excerpt of the SiOP 2013 film and to learn more about this important work. Click here to download information about SiOP and upcoming programs for 2014 and 2015.

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